Essence of Wisdom

  • Immerse.
  • Expand.
  • Become.

Essence activation through coaching for those in pursuit of expansive and inspired personal and professional lives.

Step Into Your Brightness

Embrace Your Essence – Align with Your True Self and Unleash Your Potential


Stacey supports those ready for change. Those in need of clarity and next steps. She holds space for others to tap into their inner wisdom and become the architect of their own lives. 

When you understand and nourish the truth of who you are and what you really want, you unleash your personal brand of brilliance. 

From here, you are able to step into your brightness, live with passion and purpose, and use your natural strengths to change your world through inspired action.


Everything you need to feel deeply fulfilled is within you — waiting to be illuminated. You were born to express the most expansive version of you in all you do. Only you can decide your life path - together we’ll find the clarity, insights, and action steps needed to define and actualize it.

Maybe something big has happened or you’ve sensed this season of change implicitly stirring and are ready to embrace the shifts ahead. You’re ready to get unstuck and feel the time has come to step into your power. For you, expansion is inevitable.

As an expansion advocate, Stacey recognizes the fully expressed self ready to awaken within you. She honors your commitment to yourself and desire to make your mark on this world. She is here to champion you. She is here to help you tap into your essence and unleash the wisdom within.


To step into the most authentic version of your being is in service of the greatest good. You are meant for more.

Carefully crafted for those in search of transformation, these offerings serve as mechanisms for change. Inspired action starts by listening to your intuition. If you feel called, begin your authenticity journey by selecting a path that feels aligned with where you are right now.

Choose your path

Personal and professional coaching

I’m willing to put in the work but have questions.

Grief coaching

I’m navigating a transition in my life and would like to know more about how coaching can help.

Personal & Professional Coaching

Do you have a sense you’re meant for something more?

The time to stand in your power is now. Awaken the wisdom within.

The inspired life you crave is within your reach.

All you have to do is activate your essence.

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    Expansion assessment
  • 2.01-500x500-Consious Conversion-JA-93110
    2 monthly expansion sessions
  • 3.01-500x500-Consious Conversion-JA-93110
    3 month duration
  • 4.01-500x500-Consious Conversion-JA-93110
    Unlimited email support


Clients that have expanded with Stacey